Money Talk

Episode 62

Charles R. Stamp, Jr.

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with Charles R. Stamp, Jr. Vice President, Public Affairs Worldwide Deere & Company.

Charles R. Stamp, Jr. is Vice President, Public Affairs Worldwide, at Deere & Company, a position he has held since September 2002. In his role, Stamp leads a department that manages government and public affairs to provide the company with timely and actionable plans that address issues of risk and opportunities that exist worldwide within key markets and among key audiences.

Stamp joined Deere & Company in 1999, as part of the company’s acquisition of InterAg Technologies, Inc., where he was President/CEO. He has also served as President, John Deere Special Technologies Group, and President, Agricultural Division – Global AgSerivces.

Stamp is a native of Missouri. He received a bachelor of arts degree from Southeast Missouri State University, and a law degree from the University Of Missouri School Of Law in Columbia in 1974. He practiced law from 1974 until 1981 in Sikeston, Missouri. He entered the agribusiness industry in 1981 as President of Meyer Agri-Products, which later became a division of Butler Manufacturing Company, where he served as Vice President of Butler’s Agri-Products Division. He then served as Vice President of Capital South Inventors and as a partner of Capital Partners, Ltd., which founded InterAg Technologies, Inc.

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