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Episode 14

Dr. John Stone & Dr. Allan C. Campbell

Interesting People’s Ed Sutkowski interviews Dr. John Stone, physician and author, and Dr. Allan Campbell, physician and pathologist.

Dr. Stone was born in Jackson, Mississippi, the grandson of a general practitioner and son of a production supervisor father and a homemaker mother. Dr. Stone created literature and medicine courses at Oxford University and Emory University Summer Studies, founded the Emergency Medicine and Residency program at Grady Memorial Hospital and taught both English Literature and Medicine at Emory and Oxford University. His 25-page CV reflects publication of 21 articles, ten book chapters, 13 New York Times Magazine essays, lectures at 150 institutions in 40 states, including Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic and the awarding of three honorary degrees. Among his publications are the following: On Doctoring: Stories, Poems, Essays (Third Edition), 1991 (250,000 copies distributed), The Smell of Matches (1972), In All This Rain (1980) and Where Water Begins: New Poems and Prose (1998).

Dr. Campbell was born in Champaign, Illinois. He graduated with honors from the University of Illinois and from Washington University Medical School. His post-graduate education continued at Washington University, Baylor University Medical Center (chief resident) and Parkland Hospital. His research projects include a summer research fellowship at the University of Illinois and the Washington University School of Medicine. He has received not less than nine honors for his research and publications, is a member of 14 professional organizations and has taught at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria where he is chair of its Department of Pathology. He was a physician with Peoria-Tazewell Pathology Group, S.C., where he served as President and as a member of the Board of Directors.

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