Money Talk

Episode 55

J. David Arnold, Ph.D.

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with J. David Arnold, Ph.D, the 26th President of Eureka College.

Professor Arnold, the 26th President of Eureka College, received his Masters and Ph.D. with an emphasis in social psychology – the study of how humans think and relate to each other — from the University of New Hampshire. Eureka College, “A small, supportive, exceptional family”, was chartered in 1855 by the Disciples of Christ. It was the first college in Illinois that admitted men and women on an equal basis and was rationally integrated in 1931. Among its more than 5,000 grads, are 7 Governors, Members of Congress, 42 college presidents and the 40th President of the United States, Ronald W. Reagan. The following quotes from President Reagan epitomize the philosophy of Eureka College: “Everything that has been good in my life began here” and “The most valuable lesson I learned at Eureka is that every individual makes a difference.” Professor Arnold was the first in his family to graduate from college and describes the “Eureka moment” when he decided to pursue his post-graduate education.

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