Money Talk

Episode 32

Johnna L. Ingersoll

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with Johnna Ingersoll the current Peoria County Corner.

Death has been described as the most important legal event of life. Johnna “lives” with death over 2,000 times each year.

Prior to election as Peoria County Coroner, Johnna Ingersoll worked as a Chief Deputy Coroner and part-time law enforcement officer. With rigorous certification requirements to be a Death Investigator, Johnna spends more than 40 hours each week analyzing death situations. “It is what I do.”

Johnna explains why she chose a profession that is trauma, sadness and grief as her life’s work. From the first autopsy she witnessed, she knew her calling. “Connecting the dots” in helping police, the medical community and families find the answers are the Coroner’s obligation. Learn of Johnna’s work with the Gift of Hope organization for organ donation – bringing some good out of tragedy.

How does a coroner prepare for each encounter or is it possible to prepare? Johnna must ask who? what? where? how? and why? She explains how she strives to remain emotionally neutral in her work. She must be objective and focused, and she relies on trusted staff for emotional support. Above everything, Johnna’s first priority is her job.

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