Money Talk

Episode 95

Neil E. Harl, Ph.D.

Neil is the Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Emeritus Professor of Economics at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

He received his BS from Iowa State in 1955, his JD from the University of Iowa in 1961 and his Ph.D. in Economics from Iowa State in 1965. Neil has authored 29 books, more than 400 professional articles and bulletins, 850 publications, a 2 volume Farm Income Tax manual, single volume ag law manual and a 15 volume Matthew Bender estate tax and ag law series – a comprehensive treatise covering virtually every aspect of law that relates to farmers, ranchers and other agricultural interests. Neil has presented more than 3,300 lectures in 43 states, 19 foreign countries, People’s Republic of China, Australia, England, Moscow, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia.

He currently serves on the following advisory boards: Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service, US Department of Treasury, USDA farm structure task force, Office of Technology Assessment, Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology, and Commission of Payment Limitations in Agriculture.

Neil has received more than 30 major awards, including USDA Superior Service Award, Iowa State Bar Association, Distinguished Service to Agriculture, Speaker of the Year, National Society of Accountants, Service to American and World Agriculture.

Neil’s view of the most pressing global challenge: “reduce conflict among nations, advancing peace in the world and boosting per capital income/low income countries. Poverty is the root of many evils: starvation, warfare, disease, reduced life expectancies, and civil unrest. A well-fed and prosperous people are far less likely to be mischief makers than those who are perpetually hungry and see little hope for a better life ahead. Biggest challenge: Africa continent/rational legal system, functioning market economy and efficient and effective system of government.”

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