Money Talk

Episode 35

Nicholas Smith

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with Nicholas Smith who is the the beloved Mr. Rumbold from “Are You Being Served.” The interview was recorded during Mr. Smith’s recent visit to Peoria.

“No sane man wants his son to become an actor.” So says Nicholas Smith quoting his own father.

Nicholas Smith – the character, Mr. Rumbold, of Are You Being Served? fame knew he wanted to become an actor at age seven. A family show produced by his mother gave him a taste of audience applause, and he loved it. Nicholas Smith’s daughter, actress, Catherine Russell, continues the family tradition of performing. As a thespian and parent, he recounts – if one can persuade someone to not become an actor, he or she definitely should not; if he or she cannot be persuaded to do otherwise, then acting is the destination.

Watch and discover the beginnings of the mega popular British series Are You Being Served? Tune in to the demands of rehearsal and production schedules. Nicholas Smith compares and contrasts American and British televisions, situation comedy and why performing in Shakespeare’s The Tempest is a goal.

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