Money Talk

Episode 71

Phil Luciano

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with Phil Luciano who is an award winning columnist at the Peoria Journal Star.

Phil, a graduate of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, began his journalistic career as an editor of The Northern Star, NIU’s student newspaper. He experienced his first professional experience by contributing to the removal of NIU’s then-current President, Clyde Wingfield. Phil then received his MA in public affairs reporting from Sangamon State, now known as the University of Illinois at Springfield; he has taught various courses, e.g., English, philosophy, sociology, algebra and business communications, at various teaching institutions: Bradley, Knox College, Illinois Central College, Robert Morris College and Midstate College.

Phil, the author of more than 3,000 columns during his 15+ year career with the Peoria Journal Star, has hosted 3 radio programs and has received 3 Illinois Associated Press awards for best columnist, 2 Illinois Press Association awards and other awards for excellence in journalism. During the interview, Phil defined “journalism,” his role as a columnist, the impact of journalistic errors on the reporting of political events, the “New Journalism” approach as embodied in Truman Capote’s 1965 book, “In Cold Blood,” and the tension between capitalism and journalism. He compared and contrasted the financial performance of the owner of the Peoria Journal Star, Gatehouse Media, with that of the New York Times and Gannett Inc. and expressed his views on the future of his profession.

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