Money Talk

Episode 50

Sara L. Rusch, M.D.

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with the Regional Dean of the College of Medicine at Peoria, Sara L. Rusch, M.D.

Sara L. Rusch, M.D., the Regional Dean of the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria. Dr. Rusch received her Bachelor’s in Molecular Biology and is a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Wisconsin. At Wisconsin, she is one of six that was awarded Phi Beta Kappa designation as a Junior; she served as President of her sorority and then was engaged in the practice of internal medicine in Peoria. She served as the chief resident at St. Francis, the chair of the Department of Medicine and was elected to Mastership Status in 1997, having demonstrated her commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research and community service. Dr. Rusch, is married to Thomas Cusack, M.D., and is the mother of seven grandchildren and grandmother to six. Dr. Rusch details her typical day, the role of the female in today’s workplace, her family background and her view of the future of the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Dr. Rusch cites problem-solving and the ability to make decisions as characteristics that have contributed to her success as dean. She also believes that experience is a valuable tool explaining, “Each person’s life is an evolution of incremental experiences.” Hesitant to call herself a role model, Dr. Rusch feels the path to success is different for everyone.

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