Money Talk

Episode 74

The ’85 Chicago Bears

The ’85 Super Bowl Champion Bears is ranked by more than a few as the greatest NFL team of all time.

The team was comprised of more than a few “diverse” personalities, e.g., Jim McMahon, William “the Refrigerator” Perry, Mike Singletary and Gary Fencik. The guests discussed the iconic nature of the team, their relationship with the best running back of all times, Walter Payton, the tension between coach “Iron Mike” Ditka, once a Bear all-pro tight end and supreme motivator, and Buddy Ryan, the defensive coordinator, the locker room and on-field discussions and events beginning in 1982 and ending at the 1985 Super Bowl.

The overall theme: the team then and the members now had fun and are all members of a very close knit family. Guests: Emery Moorehead (tight end), Steve McMichael (defensive tackle), Keith Van Horne (offensive right tackle), Otis Wilson (outside linebacker), Shaun Gayle (corner back/safety) and Mike Richardson (safety).

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