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Episode 47

Some people are just better off not paying attention. Our guest bought two Iowa farms ... and never saw either one of them. It's like saying you never saw your child. Don't fall in love with the farm. Don't fall in love with Apple. Nobody's saying that you must own stocks, but if you do, you've got to make your own decisions.

Episode 45

With this episode, we’ll explore how the periodic Biden plans, Pocahontas, the centered-out east, and Biden's tax plan impact the giving and gaining of wealth. The wealthiest people in the world borrow to live tax-free. Are you rewarding intellectual sophistication, or are you rewarding someone who sits on his duff and does nothing?

Episode 44

Your checking account really is the cash-in and cash-out statement. This will be fun, I can assure you — like a barrel of monkeys kind of fun. There are all kinds of solutions for charitable estate planning. The secret is the accumulation of wealth is the game. The disposition of wealth is the disaster.

Episode 43

Today's episode is about The Future of the Professions, a book authored by a father and son team, the Susskinds, back in 2015. It was prescient, in other words, what was projected has come to pass. The book addresses a multitude of professions: health, education, divinity, law, journalism, management, consulting, tax, accounting, and architecture. So, what is the impact of technology on the future of the professions?

Episode 42

Today's topic, there are really two. First about keeping score, then we'll talk about a disclaimer. What I mean keeping score, I get the biggest kick out of it I'm not sure why, the kick out of it is Walgreens, McDonald's, you keep points and you get a discount.

Episode 41

Today's subject is all about nothing.Before we get into the details of whatever they may be, I'd like to put in perspective these transfer taxes, the estate and gift taxes; federal and sometimes state. In the year 2018, the total taxes received in respect of these transfers was 23 billion, which is three-quarters of 1% of the total $3 trillion in tax revenues.

Episode 40

78 cent coffee McDonald's Coffee is not bad. Long Lines at Dunkin' Donuts. Ed loves to talk about new cars. Everyone needs a 4x4. Joyrides in Chicago. IRS audits. "My Cousin Vinny". New and improved taxes.

Episode 39

Today's topic is the Risk Reward Profile of Various Individual Investors. Put it another way, what is your DNA for risk and reward? We'll talk about the arts, the sciences, licensed professionals, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, corporate executives.

Episode 36

In today's session, we'll deal with the taxes, specifically the accumulation taxes and the transfer taxes. Do you happen to know off the top of your head the current limit for social security taxes on payroll? Well, do you know?