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Episode 32

Free lunch, dinner, and football tickets. The poor man's opportunity to be charitable. Unsolicited advice. Kill the messenger. Bill Gates needs people to know how much he gives. Polish people have no money. Why would you want a building named after you?

Episode 30

Is polygamy a good idea? After two marriages you should have learned your lesson. Everyone likes to not be trusted, hence “The Prenup” Everyone is greedy, hence “The Prenup” Q: Who said “Honey, let’s start a business together”? A: A fool

Episode 29

I was thinking, Ed it was probably a great idea to start a business with your siblings, so you're saying maybe not. Well, it isn't, it's the question of fear, greed, the government, and revenge. We think of revenge as divorce stuff, we don't do that. That's the greatest source of revenue. The government's not too bad, but the sibling rivalry really attracts all sorts of emotions.

Episode 28

Should I set up a Corporation? Which type? “Muffins by Sue” Do you have a business plan? Buy a new pair of shoes? Watch out for academic excellence. Should I get NetJets? Where’s my limo? Shine my shoes.

Episode 27

If you're planning on giving to charity, Chuck shares some simple steps you can take that can save a lot of money—allowing you to give more at the same cost to yourself—as well as reduce hassle.

Episode 26

Nathan Gunn is widely acclaimed for his diverse performing career bridging the genres of opera, musical theatre, and recital. Gunn grew up in South Bend, Indiana doing what most Midwestern boys do: playing sports, working hard at school, and spending time with his family. His interest in music became a passion during his junior year of high school when he was introduced to Mozart’s opera, Die Zauberflöte. Nathan has performed many of opera and musical theater’s greatest roles on the world’s most prestigious stages.

Episode 23

Lawyers love family fights. Revenge is a dish best served by lawyers. In-laws don't matter. Earning money is a bad drug. Farmers don't know what they own. Plowing snow for $50,000. Ask a farmer how. Jack, the dog, picks winning stocks better than all financial advisors. Ed still doesn't have a new car. Follow your passions.