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Episode 58

With today's program, let's address who's talking. What is the source of the information that you're relying upon? Specifically, should you be listening to someone who's talking? My answer to that is no.

Episode 57

Everyone can be an investment advisor. Which is better? Making less money or no money. There is a new math being used. Why pay attention? It's not my money. I would rather bet your money. Insulated from losses. Build your obituary today.

Episode 56

Whatever attorneys charge is too much. The problem is communication. Move across the river and save $3,000,000. You will be shot for a $500,000 bill. The quicker the bill is paid, the happier the client. Send your check via FedEx for better service. Peter Pan works here.

Episode 55

"There are some tricks to transferring assets". Ed loves family members fighting for assets. Nothing lasts forever. More anger equals less tax. Where's the money? "Let Charley run it as long as I'm getting paid cash".

Episode 54

Ed's 46 year old stock pick might just take off. Don't buy a new Tesla. "Don't look at me, the market is just down". Who says that and when? Apple and Home Depot do well sometimes. A recession is just around the corner. "Listen to Jim Cramer when picking stocks" No one has ever said that. Ed has started to paint.

Episode 53

Ed and Chuck don't understand quadratic or differential equations. The IRS isn't always right. Who cares if there is no income tax in Alaska? No one should. Just read the book. Ed's dog Jack would like some money. How charitable do you want to be? Families fighting over the honey pot.

Episode 52

Everyone wants to make more money than their neighbor or more money than their sister's husband. It's difficult to grow your IRA. The losers aren't around. The longer you stay in, the greater your chances of winning. Invisible inflation. You don't win or lose until you sell. ETF's. Ed and Chuck still don't like investment advisors. The US is not populated with that many people with that much money.

Episode 51

Today’s topic is the power of knowing when to walk away. There’s the quantitative side — how much money in dollars — and then there’s the qualitative side, which gets to the question of abandoning the child, the new business, or an idea. Can you handle quitting and the loss of your identity?

Episode 50

Today’s guest is Joseph B. Anderson Jr. We'll be discussing Joe's journey from zero to fairly substantial wealth over a long period of time. But more specifically, we'll discuss Joe's beginning in Topeka, Kansas, and his journey to West Point, Vietnam, the White House fellowship, General Motors, and Tag Holdings, LLC.

Episode 49

Today’s topic is conflicts. When we hear the word conflict we often think about lawyers — what’s your hourly rate and should it be more? Chuck’s dad has a saying — “there’s $1,000,000 in your back.” As long as you’re capable of working, then you’ve got the ability to make the money that you just spent.