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Episode 51

Today’s topic is the power of knowing when to walk away. There’s the quantitative side — how much money in dollars — and then there’s the qualitative side, which gets to the question of abandoning the child, the new business, or an idea. Can you handle quitting and the loss of your identity?

Episode 50

Today’s guest is Joseph B. Anderson Jr. We'll be discussing Joe's journey from zero to fairly substantial wealth over a long period of time. But more specifically, we'll discuss Joe's beginning in Topeka, Kansas, and his journey to West Point, Vietnam, the White House fellowship, General Motors, and Tag Holdings, LLC.

Episode 49

Today’s topic is conflicts. When we hear the word conflict we often think about lawyers — what’s your hourly rate and should it be more? Chuck’s dad has a saying — “there’s $1,000,000 in your back.” As long as you’re capable of working, then you’ve got the ability to make the money that you just spent.

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Independent, uncompromised, absolute financial truths, behind financial perceptions from hosts, Ed Sutkowski, Esq. and Chuck LeFebvre, Esq., based on more than 75 years of combined experience representing entrepreneurs, family offices and high net worth individuals.


The CEO Pay Machine is former CEO Steven Clifford’s thorough and shocking explanation of the ‘machine’–how it works, how its parts interact, and how every step pushes CEO pay to higher levels.
Over the course of his sixty-year career in the mutual fund industry, Vanguard Group founder John C. Bogle has witnessed a massive shift in the culture of the financial sector.

Interesting People with Ed

Episode 99

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with world traveler and eclectic performing artist Colt Sandberg.

Episode 97

The identical twin Shaheen brothers, George and Gerry, are from Elmwood, Illinois, year 2005 population 1,889; Both twins received their “hands on” undergraduate education by bagging groceries and trimming meat at the Elmwood/Shaheen grocery store.