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Episode 57

Everyone can be an investment advisor. Which is better? Making less money or no money. There is a new math being used. Why pay attention? It's not my money. I would rather bet your money. Insulated from losses. Build your obituary today.

Episode 56

Whatever attorneys charge is too much. The problem is communication. Move across the river and save $3,000,000. You will be shot for a $500,000 bill. The quicker the bill is paid, the happier the client. Send your check via FedEx for better service. Peter Pan works here.

Episode 55

"There are some tricks to transferring assets". Ed loves family members fighting for assets. Nothing lasts forever. More anger equals less tax. Where's the money? "Let Charley run it as long as I'm getting paid cash".

Episode 54

Ed's 46 year old stock pick might just take off. Don't buy a new Tesla. "Don't look at me, the market is just down". Who says that and when? Apple and Home Depot do well sometimes. A recession is just around the corner. "Listen to Jim Cramer when picking stocks" No one has ever said that. Ed has started to paint.

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Independent, uncompromised, absolute financial truths, behind financial perceptions from hosts, Ed Sutkowski, Esq. and Chuck LeFebvre, Esq., based on more than 75 years of combined experience representing entrepreneurs, family offices and high net worth individuals.


The CEO Pay Machine is former CEO Steven Clifford’s thorough and shocking explanation of the ‘machine’–how it works, how its parts interact, and how every step pushes CEO pay to higher levels.
Over the course of his sixty-year career in the mutual fund industry, Vanguard Group founder John C. Bogle has witnessed a massive shift in the culture of the financial sector.

Interesting People with Ed

Episode 99

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with world traveler and eclectic performing artist Colt Sandberg.

Episode 97

The identical twin Shaheen brothers, George and Gerry, are from Elmwood, Illinois, year 2005 population 1,889; Both twins received their “hands on” undergraduate education by bagging groceries and trimming meat at the Elmwood/Shaheen grocery store.