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Episode 28

Chuck Brown and Al Eskildsen

Interviews with two World War II veterans and foxhole buddies—Chuck Brown and Al Eskildsen.

Chuck Brown , Iwo Jima WWII Veteran Marine buddies, Chuck and Al, enlisted in the volunteer force of choice since “you went into the Marines because you wanted to be the best…we were the best.” Grasp their adventures highlighted in remembrance: journey to Camp Pendleton, training program protocol, elimination of self to that of “team,” and insight into the invasion process.

Al Eskildsen, Iwo Jima WWII Veteran Iwo Jima comprised only 8 square miles — 33% of the size of Manhattan. According to the Japanese, the island was a symbolic nature; it contained 16 miles of tunnels, 1,500 man-made caverns and sheltered nearly 23,000 soldiers underground. No drinking water existed. Chuck and Al describe their foxhole experience, their fears and trepidations, their steadfast friendship and finally, the applicable statistics of World War II.


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