Money Talk

Episode 52

Edward J. Tangel

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with the Founder and Chairman of the Board Enercon Engineering Inc., Edward J. Tangel.

Edward J. Tangel, founder and Chairman of the Board of Enercon Engineering Inc., a global leader in the power generation industry, started the company in 1975 – the year of One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest — with $1,700 in a facility located in Chillicothe, Illinois. Enercon now employs more than 300 individuals in facilities consisting of more than 240,000 square feet, located in East Peoria, Illinois, Barnesville, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, Singapore and Bangladesh. Enercon has completed more than 38,000 projects located in all continents other than Australia.

Ed was born in Brooklyn, New York, earned both an undergraduate and Master’s degree in electrical engineering and from the beginning of his career, enjoyed learning “how things worked” and “making them work better.” Ed and his spouse, Beatrice, have five children, including Larry, the president and CEO of Enercon. He describes his management style, his responsibilities toward Enercon employees, the future of the engineering profession and his view of the world of leadership and rewards.

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