Money Talk

Episode 34

Gordon Honegger

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with Gordon Honegger the Co-Chairman of Hometown Community Bancorp which is the combined divisions of Morton Community Bank.

Meet Gordon Honegger, a “marketing guy,” Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hometown Community Bancorp. An avid high school athlete from Forrest, Illinois, Gordon journeyed to University of Illinois and earned a degree in Agricultural Economics. From there followed a Master’s from Northwestern and a Ph.D. from Purdue. Hear Gordon’s story beginning on the family farm, his early lessons in frugality and the steps that led him to Morton Community Bank. He describes the Bank’s remarkable growth, his philosophy of success and the way he and his wife, Jean Ann, make co-leadership/co-ownership work!

With humor and honesty, Gordon looks at entrepreneurial good fortune as a combination of preparation meeting opportunity. He demonstrates the connection of happy productive employees with company growth and expansion. Gordon Honegger chose banking – or banking chose him. Either way, his principles of achievement can be applied to any endeavor.

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