Money Talk

Episode 5

Jim Brickman

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with internationally known piano virtuoso Jim Brickman while on location in Peoria.

Jim details the joy, rewards and exhaustion of his creative outpourings. Jim earned his combined business/music degree from Case Western. As one who did not enjoy accounting, he secured a second degree in Piano from the Cleveland School of Music. Expecting a career in the business of music, Jim instead authored jingles for McDonald’s, scripted parts of the Muppet Show, authored books, and composed songs for Disney.

He is credited with the song “Beautiful,” an original composition inspired by Disney’s Cinderella. Today, Jim performs his original compositions and those of others — worldwide — in more than 125 cities annually. Listen as he reveals the solitude and “head spinning” of his creative process, and characterizes his performances, not as destinations but instead as his personal introspective journeys. He details the joy, the rewards and exhaustion of his creative outpourings.

While Jim barely admits to the potential immortality of his works, including holiday performances, three PBS specials, being part of Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, numerous wedding compositions, four Gold Records, a Songwriter of the Year Award and a 60-station syndicated radio show, they all suggest the everlasting influence of his creativity upon the hearts and minds of millions!

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