Money Talk

Episode 48

Nancy T. Brady

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with the wife of Illinois State Senator Bill Brady, Nancy T. Brady.

When they met in college at Illinois Wesleyan, Bill Brady told Nancy he wanted to be President of the United States. Bill’s interest in politics led him to first run for office in 1992. Today Bill is State Senator of the 44th District, and a recent Republican gubernatorial candidate. Nancy, after a career in Information Systems at Country Companies, works as the Business Manager for Brady Property Management of Bloomington and is the mother of three children.

Nancy cites strong relationships with family as one of the most important things in her life. In particular, she owes much of who she is to her parents, who served as lifelong role models, as individuals and as a couple. Additionally Nancy recalls the moment a geometry teacher took the time to encourage her to be the best she could be in everything she attempts. It is one of her few regrets that she never told this teacher what a positive impact he had on her life.

Raising a family in a “fishbowl” has not always been easy, but the experience has helped the Bradys grow as a family. Nancy has learned to rise above the political mudslinging and stay positive by embracing the experiences her life has to offer with grace and a good sense of humor.


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