Money Talk

Episode 47

Paul Kinsinger, M.D

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with physician and the inventor of Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste, Paul Kinsinger, M.D.

Paul Kinsinger, M.D. is a physician and the inventor of Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste, a treatment for thick toenails (a condition that accompanies toenail fungus). As a doctor, Paul sees many patients suffering from toenail fungus. Though he often recommended that patients soak their toenails in white vinegar and water for five minutes everyday for nine months, patients rarely followed the recommendation. It occurred to Paul that adding vinegar to a penetrating gel would allow for easier treatment, and Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste was born. Though Paul doesn’t claim that Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste treats toenail fungus, of his 110 patients who were the first to try the solution, 81 patients were satisfied with the results. Paul continues to hear positive stories from new users as well.

At seven years old, Paul’s mom told him that he should become a doctor or a missionary. From that point on, he never considered pursuing another career path. Combining medicine and compassion has allowed Paul to become something of a missionary as he treats patients and offers them guidance using Christian principles.

Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste is currently available at various stores including some local Walgreen’s and can also be purchased from the Piggy Paste website. QVC, the home shopping channel, will soon begin making the product available on its website. In January, Paul will appear on QVC to sell his product.

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