Money Talk

Episode 64

Peter D. Hannaford

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with Peter D. Hannaford a Former Reagan Adviser; Senior Consultant to APCO Worldwide of Washington, D.C.; and Author.

Peter Hannaford, president of Hannaford Enterprises, Inc., has served as an APCO senior counselor since 2001. His clients have included the New York Stock Exchange, General Motors, Citibank and 3M. Before forming his own company, he was assistant to the governor and director of public affairs for then-governor Reagan in Sacramento. In this position, he supervised the governor’s press office, speech research office, community relations unit and the office of information.

Mr. Hannaford is best known for his role in assisting President Reagan during the latter’s quest for the White house. Form 1975 until his election in 1980, Reagan was a client of the firm that Mr. Hannaford co-founded. In Reagan’s 1976 presidential nomination campaign, Mr. Hannaford was the director of issues and research; in the 1980 campaign he was senior communications adviser.

Mr. Hannaford served on the United States Information Agency’s Public Relations Advisory Committee (1981-1992); the board of trustees of the White House Preservation Fund (1981-1989); the Commonwealth Fund’s Commission on Elderly People Living Alone (1986-1991); and the advisory committee of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home (1990-1996). He is a published author and has written a number of books on U.S. presidents and media relations.

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