Money Talk

Episode 66

Royce Elliott & Roger Monroe

Host Ed Sutkowski talks with Royce Elliott and Roger Monroe, hosts of ‘Breakfast With Royce and Roger’.

Royce Elliott, a nationally known and respected comedian, has opened for Barbara Mandrell, Lou Rawls, Conway Twitty, Bobby Vinton, Gatlin Brothers and Statler Brothers, has roasted Mike Ditka, Frank Sinatra, Buddy Hackett and Rich Little and has performed in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Branson, Missouri. Royce, a Woodruff High School graduate, has a repertoire of at least 600 jokes, none of which are “blue.”

Roger Monroe, likewise a Woodruff High graduate, earned his Bachelor of Science in speech from Bradley University and a Masters in speech while serving in the United States Army. While in the U.S. Army, he was the sports director for the Armed Forces Network, based in Frankfort, Germany and announced before a European audience of approximately 45 million listeners. Roger’s brother, Zack, pitched for the New York Yankees. His publication, Get The Word, has over 20,000 readers.

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